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Welcome to the Tiger VS Dragon crypto betting game! Engage in an exciting wagering experience as you choose between Tiger, Dragon, or Even. Your fate relies on the randomly generated card, as the side with the higher value emerges victorious. To ensure transparency and secure transactions, our game seamlessly integrates with our backend system and the Ethereum blockchain.

Gambling, Game Development, Design

The Tiger VS Dragon project was specifically crafted for iOS devices, enabling players to access the game through their individual client accounts. Our dedicated team meticulously developed and implemented all the intricate game mechanics and backend logic. To ensure seamless deployment and accessibility, we utilized DigitalOcean droplets and leveraged the client’s iOS developer account.

Upon completion of the development phase, our client received a comprehensive product package, inclusive of both the client and server-side development and support documentation.

Join the captivating world of Tiger VS Dragon today, and experience the thrill of crypto betting at its finest!


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